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Dog 1914

Dog 1914
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Warm nest   for the little ones :  Babies   love to be   comforted by... more
Product information "Dog 1914"

Warm nest for the little ones

Babies love to be comforted by the sight cuddly and shepherd
 by the heat

A friend to cuddle

From the cute plushie for each day is a heat stuffed animal for falling asleep in an instant

Heat for two

Beneficial during pregnancy for backache or pleasant anticipation to enjoy

First workthen pleasure

After sports or gardening, have one really gained some warm relaxation.

The Warmies® Sleepy Bears are about 30 cm long and have a velvety soft fur

They weigh about 850 grams and are thus lighter than a 1 liter water bottle water (1.000 gr.)! 

With Lavender grain filling. 

They are certified by EN71-1 / 2/3 - Guidelines and thus self-Baby Good

After each microwave application they are always fungal and germ-free 

The Warmies® have hot-water bottles classical bit ahead: they are easy to usefaster and above all safer because laborious pouring of hotwater and the risk of scalding eliminated completely

     Unpack the product and remove any existing trailer
     The clean product as it is put in the microwaveWarm-up time90 sec at a maximum of 800 watts.Done. 
     The heated product can be used immediately.

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