Silicone Line Doll Gracelyn
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Silicone Line Doll Gracelyn

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Gracelyn is our next full silicone blank. The doll is therefore not a hollow casting.... more
Product information "Silicone Line Doll Gracelyn"

Gracelyn is our next full silicone blank. The doll is therefore not a hollow casting. Louis was modeled on our behalf by the American doll artist Ping Lau. It is part of our own production and is therefore Made in Germany. The blank consists of high-quality Ecoflex 20. The Ecoflex silicone is a very soft silicone and feels incredibly real. It is long-term resistant and can be easily colored with appropriate silicone paints.

Order Ecoflex 20 silicone for testing here.

Doll Details

Little Gracelyn is:
  • approx. 4000 g heavy
  • approx. 50 cm/20 inch tall (with bent legs) and approx. 56 cm with straight legs
  • needs  mm eyes
  • and has a head circumference of approx.  cm/ inch
She is anatomically correct a little girl. The head has to be supported like a real baby.
A certfificate of authenticity is included.
Working with the silicone blank

Gracelyn is completely made of silicone and in one piece. This creates an outer seam all around the blank, which you can easily peel off or remove with fine nail scissors. At the head, each blank has a small silicone overhang, as the silicone was poured into the mould at this point. This only needs to be removed with a sharp knife, lift the excess slightly and cut it off. In addition, the blank has silicone protrusions on the shoulders and partly on the fingers that can be removed with fine nail scissors without any problems. Some blanks also have silicone residue in their eyes. These can also be easily removed.


As all parts are not hollow castings but completely in silicone, they are also
correspondingly heavy. To colour the silicone doll you need silicone colours. After dyeing, the doll must be powdered. You can find the colours and the powder in our shop.
Removing the seam easily:
The silicone doll can be powdered regularly, directly after dyeing it must be powdered. You can order the powder right away.
To dye the silicone doll you need silicone colours, you can also find them in our shop. Here is a colouring instruction included

Ecoflex® silicone

Ecoflex® silicones are very soft, very stable and extremely elastic. They can be pulled countless times without tearing and always return to their original shape. They are translucent and can therefore be easily coloured to achieve a variety of colour effects.
Ecoflex® silicones are based on Smooth-On's Dragon Skin® formula and are available in 5 Shore hardnesses: 5A, 00-50, 00-30, 00-20 and 00-10.
Biocompatibility: Cured Dragon Skin® silicones are tested according to ISO
10993-10 (skin irritation) and are classified as safe for skin contact.
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