Silpoxy glue for silicone dolls

Silpoxy glue for silicone dolls
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  or silicone dolls. Glues silicone parts - fixes torn silicone moulds  ... more
Product information "Silpoxy glue for silicone dolls"


or silicone dolls. Glues silicone parts - fixes torn silicone moulds


Sil-Poxy is a 1-component adhesive specially developed to bond RTV silicone rubbers to each other as well as silicone rubber with 

other materials such as polyurethanes, plaster, ceramics, carbon, textiles, etc. Sil-Poxy is suitable for condensation and addition silicones and results

a strong, flexible bond with high elongation at break Sil-Poxy can be dyed with Silc-Pig (silicone pigments) and diluted with NOVOCS, for painting 

Silicone parts.


It resists weathering, moisture, UV radiation and high temperatures. Sil-Poxy is used, for example, to repair cracked silicone moulds.


14 ml


Store and use at room temperature of approx. 23 degrees. After opening, the durability of the material is considerably shortened. Therefore, use up any remaining quantities as quickly as possible. After removal of material


close the tube again immediately. Use in a well-ventilated environment. Eye protection, rubber gloves and long-sleeved clothing are recommended.
To achieve good adhesion, appropriate surfaces should be clean and dry. If possible, roughen the surfaces and then wipe with solvent before applying Sil-Poxy.
In general, if there are uncertainties about the compatibility between the silicone adhesive and the model surface, we recommend to test the adhesive on a non-critical area.


When squeezing the tube, make sure that no air enters the tube before it is closed. Otherwise, the remaining material will harden quickly. The application must be carried out on both parts to be bonded. After approx. 5 minutes the material starts to harden. After approx. 1 hour, the bonded parts can already be subjected to some load. Full curing is achieved after 24 hours. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity accelerate the curing process - colder temperatures delay it.


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