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System for colouring and painting After years of development work, we have succeeded in... more
Product information "FuseFX Colours"

System for colouring and painting

After years of development work, we have succeeded in creating a system that can be used comfortably to achieve perfect skin tones, shades and depth effect on silicone (e.g. DRAGON SKIN™).


(1) With the FUSE FX™ colours any skin and effect colour can be produced.

(2) No measuring cups or scales are needed.

(3) The FUSE FX™ mixture is applied directly by brush or airbrush.

(4) Over 50 different colour variations available.

For an overview please request colour sample cards.

The FUSE FX™ colours are supplied in practical bottles. They are suitable both for applying paint "into the negative form" (intrinsic) and for painting the object (extrinsic).

The pigments of the S-series are the basis for creating all human skin tones. They consist of one component, which becomes the translucent silicone (e.g. DRAGON SKIN™, ECOFLEX™) hinzugefu¨gt They can be used in all silicones (condensation and addition curing). The 2-component inks of the M, F and LY series can only be used on addition silicones (platinum catalyst, (e.g. DRAGON SKIN™, ECOFLEX™). The inks consist of a coloured A and a transparent B component, which are mixed together in equal parts.

Opaque color in 2 bottles of 15 g each.


Colouring example:


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