Ultimate Fusion Starter-Set

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This starter set is ideal for beginners, but also for experienced artists. The paint also... more
Product information "Ultimate Fusion Starter-Set"
This starter set is ideal for beginners, but also for experienced artists. The paint also adheres to many other surfaces. No mixing is necessary, no media is needed for your finished baby and it is very easy to use. This starter set contains 17 items.

As soon as the paint has dried, it will melt with the vinyl and will not come off. It is very highly pigmented, lightfast and flexible after drying. It can be used directly from the bottle. Complete curing of translucent and watercolour applications takes 24 to 72 hours. This paint also adheres to wood, glass, canvas, paper and fabric.

Ultimate Fusion Paint Set contains:
1 - Bag with drawstring
Tutorial access code to download ALL guides and tutorials.


Hair brushes, washing brushes and mixing brushes.
Brushes for fine details, veining brush, mixing brush for deer foot, washing brush and mop brush.
1 - 3mm pipette
#1 - 3ml White
#2 - 3ml Burnt Umber
#3 - 3ml Ultramarine Blue Warm
#4 - 3ml Red Wine
#5 - 3ml Dioazine Purple
#6 - 3ml Red Cool
#7 - 3ml Yellow Warm
#8 - 3ml Phthalo Blue Cool
#9 - 3ml Red Warm
#10 - 3ml Flesh Base
#11 - 3ml Vein Blue
#12 - 5ml Shine Remover
#13 - 5ml BlendFlow
#14 - 3ml Gloss Varnish

Please note: These are all 5 ml paint containers,
but most contain 3 ml of highly concentrated paint. (See colour list)

This is the "Lets get started set" kit. It has been designed to contain everything you need to get off to a good start. It contains mini paints and media, instructions, brushes, a brush with hand cut hair, a wash brush, a brush, a Genesis mixing chart and a bag with cord for storage.
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