Ultimate Fusion 3D Dewy Skin 15 ml

Ultimate Fusion 3D Dewy Skin 15 ml

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 This product is ideal for achieving perfect wetting. This makes the vinyl look even... more
Product information "Ultimate Fusion 3D Dewy Skin 15 ml"
 This product is ideal for achieving perfect wetting. This makes the vinyl look even more like the skin.
It is used pure. It is best to use a fine pored sponge (in small pieces). It gives the face more depth.
For a smooth and soft result on the limbs, dilute it with the sealer (ratio 1:1) and use a wedge sponge.

Tip...smooth surface...Always use a flat wedge so as not to add any texture and thus achieve a smooth feeling and appearance.

Instructions for a matte skin....
Remember that it gives a moist appearance, so only add Matt Concentrate if you want a matt appearance. (Ratio, 3D Dewy to Matte Concentrate 5:1)

The amount is sufficient for many Reborn babies. It spreads very well.

Apply this layer last on the vinyl. If you want to paint the hair, paint it first and then use the 3D Dewy Skin.
Before using 3D Dewy, clean the kit with a damp cloth so that no dust particles mix with the product.

This product is air-dry and needs a few minutes to harden. Always ensure that you put the lid back on so that the product remains airtight.

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