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  This varnish is used to seal (as a protective layer) acrylic paints (e.g. our Reborn... more
Product information "Jo Sonja Gloss Varnish"


This varnish is used to seal (as a protective layer) acrylic paints (e.g. our Reborn Acrylic Paints) after the last layer of paint. The gloss varnish is a water-based polyurethane lacquer. The varnish is clear, does not yellow and dries quickly in the air. You can also use it on the doll's nails and lips. The paint gives the doll a shine effect.

The varnish does not have to be thinned and can be applied thinly to the vinyl with a brush. Use a sponge to distribute. TThe varnish can be applied in one or more layers as desired. Please allow each layer to dry thoroughly.

Note: Not suitable for Genesis colors.

The doll can later be cleaned with mild soap and cold water.

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