Gapalugas Reborn

My name is Luciana Cristina Degli Esposti Amado, I was born in 1973 and I live in the city of Rio Claro - SP- Brazil  and I am a Reborn artist from Gapalugas Reborn - Arte Perfeita.

I started with this art in January 2010 in a modest room, researching and studying art and being enchanted with these wonderful babies. As I have always done handicrafts, which I love passionately, I was also interested in learning this art that I love so much.

Through a lot of research, study and training, in 2012, I got up my courage and made my first baby, made from the Kaya by Eva Helland kit, but I gave her the name Kyra. Today, I am always perfecting, so that when you look at my babies, you really feel like you are looking at a real baby, not a doll.

Note: "All the photos of the babies in the kits that are in" Nursery "on this site, are made by me." I don't use photos by other artists to show the kits on the market, I just put the ones I already made so that you have confidence in my work.

The name "Gapalugas", was the loving way that I had to honor my family, see its meaning:

"GA" - Gabriel "PA" - Paulo "LU" - Luciana "GA" - Gabriela "S" - Family.

Thus was born, Gapalugas Reborn, where I specialized in Perfect Art, to enchant everyone and you who are getting to know me and knowing my work.


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Here is the homepage of Luciana Cristina Degli Esposti Amado-> Gapalugas Reborn



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