Instructions for eyelashes, stick a wig, insert eyes and weight a body

Stick eyelashes 

You must exactly measure how the eyelashes must be before sticking them. We would recommend the eyelash length 5-7mm as upper eyelashes. For the  lower eyelashes (only with open eyes necessarily!) take then best of all 3-4mm lengths. Give a blob glue on the back of your hand (don't distribute) and pull the eyelashes by the glue. These should not be too much glues on the eyelashes and of course only on the sticky side. There are also self-adhesive eyelashes, but this glue often doesn't hold.
Take the eyelashes at an end and press this end the right place in the eyelid (not in the eyelid fold!). Hardly press on. You can also take a toothpick to press it on. Now you must wait a moment that the glues is a little bit dried and then stick on the rest of the eyelash. If you stick on the eyelashes immediately completely, it can happen that an end sloughs again. Do the same with the lower eyelash and the second eye. After the eyelashes are appropriated, stroke them now carefully with the fingers in the right direction. Take care that there is no glue on the eyelashes because they stick together, otherwise. As long as the glue hasn't dried yet completely, you can stroke the eyelashes still carefully apart.
Stick a wig

If you want to stick a wig, you should put on them on the head for testing purposes to see like it should sit. Select by yourselves a suitable size, either human hair or mohair. For most dolls is suitable 8x9 or 10x12. If you rather wanted that the doll only so much hairlike a real baby, you should choose the size 8x9. Perhaps later still thin out.
Rub the head with a glue, quite thinly. Importan: The glue must become clear when it is dry! There where the wig (gaze piece) later is placed  you should use a little bit more glue. Take now the wig, hold together the hair and stick the gaze piece on namely there where the whirl ordinarily is. Smooth then the gaze piece, so that it originate makes no waves and comb flatly the hair.
If the glue has dried you can cut the hair.

Insert the eyes

1st variant:
Take the head and go inside with the scalpel (or craft knife) and then carefully cut the eye socket and the best cross-shaped and as far as it goes, so that you can insert the eyes well afterwards. Now take the eye and put it in. Just push the corner and as soon as you could push your eyes behind you could push up the next corner. This is best when you can help from the outside with a handle or the eye-setting tool.
Depending on the eyes (whether half-shell or mouth-blown), the eye-hole must still be filled with e.g. Foam or filling wool. Afterwards, carefully reseal the cut-up eyeballs, eg with a glue or silicone. Before doing so, however, you should check whether the eyes are sitting right.

2nd variant
Place the head on a radiator or in front of a red light so that it is well warmed, place some foam or filling wool into the eye socket and then take our massive glass eyes and push them from the front into the eye socket. The massive eyes fit well through the eye slit when the head is warm. If the eye sits in the eye socket, just adjust something and then give some glue at the corners. Often the eye doesn't even have to be stuck, because it is fixed by the foam and the closed eye cavity.

Body weight

The flannel or velour bodies have entered ties, you can use this. You can substitute for them, however, also with suitable cable ties. Now you take the vinyl parts before. Start with arms or the legs. Fill them the glass granulate material in little bag (tube fabric on top and below knoted up!) and pack it into the arms and legs afterwards put the filling cotton on it and close it  with a glue.
The jointed body also filled with little bag full with granulate material and filling cotton. The doll shouldn't get more weight than 2 - 2.5 kgs at  a size of approx. 50 cms/20inch. Put only some filling cotton in the head, so that everything is well padded. Take now the net tube, knot it at an end and fill it with granulate material, max. 250 g, then the other end well knot up. Put the tube in the head. Refill the head now with filling cotton. Now you can put the head on the body and string with the cable ties. The same one please also with the arms and legs. The head should not laced too hard, because it must allow to turn! If everything sticks which nip off ends of the cable ties with tongs.