What is Soft Line?

The Soft Line, whether now Puppen-Traumland Soft Line or LDC Soft Line, is a series of kits or dolls made in a material that was previously unavailable for kits. We worked with our production company on the composition until it was so soft and skin-like that it can be compared to silicone, but doesn't have the negative properties of silicone, that is, it doesn't attract the dust. Kits in this vinyl mix are so soft that you get the impression that you have a rubber glove or similar in the hand. All kits made of this material must be held with connectors. They all consist of head, full vinyl limbs and an anatomically correct body.

For coloring the vinyl parts must be stuffed, otherwise they will collapse. Victoria by Sheila Michael was the first in this series in 2012. She and some others by Sheila Michael on the Soft Line (such as Victor, Henry and Henrietta, Dakota and Cameron) have normal joints. All other Soft Line kits have ball joints or both joint variants.

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