What do you need connectors for and where are the differences?

Connectors are needed for vinyl-based kits, not just heads, arms and legs, but also the body. Although there are full vinyl kits that hold even without connectors, these have a groove then on the head, arms and legs with which you can attach them to the vinyl body. But if this groove is missing, because the body have at the shoulder, hips and neck each ball joints on which you only have to put the arms, legs and head, then the support on the body is missing and the connectors come into play. They are inserted into the head, arms and legs and then into the body, holding everything together and moving smoothly.

The connectors consist of different discs and small plastic tubes, which are held together by a strong rubber band with hooks. This method of doll assembly was used earlier in the puppet.

We have different connectors for our kits, i. connectors that fit with Indra can't be used with Cristina and vice versa. Each connector set is adapted to the kit and depends on size, the neckline, width of the body, etc.

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