LDC Colors

The LDC Colors have to be applied very thinly. It is very important that you are diluted with water (1 part of paint, 10 parts of water). You take for example 1 drop of oldrose, 1 drop of white and 1 drop of red, then you have to add 30 drops of water. This is best done with a pipette.

If the colors are well diluted, they move quickly into the vinyl (about 15 minutes) and you can start with the next layer. After the first 2 layers you can still see no real color results, then the colors are diluted! If you can still wipe the paint after hours, it was definitely too thick. When it is absorbed, it is dripped after approx. 24 hours and is thus smudge-proof and light.

Here you can find our illustrated coloring instructions:

Painting-Tutourial-Part 1

Painting-Tutourial-Part 2

Painting-Tutourial-Part 3


and here we go to our colors:

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