How do I fill my kit?

You can fill your kit with different materials. There are vinyl, plastic, glass and stainless steel granules. Everything should be filled into a suitable sacs before it is placed in the body, as well as the head. For the vinyl limbs, a plastic granulate should also be used as a bag, since different plastics, when they meet, melt together. This will then bump and damage the vinyl. If you are using vinyl granules, this is not a risk because it is the same material as the kit. Glass and stainless steel granules can also be entered into the limbs. However, it can be that it crunches when arms and legs are fitted. If you fill these granules into the head, this does not happen. When you fill the kit, everything will be filled with cotton or a similarly soft material, e.g. Fiberfil, lined and then put the granules into sacs into the body. Then everything is sealed with cotton wool. For the arms and legs, a disc made of cardboard or similar can be used as a finish in the limbs, or a cotton swab impregnated with glue is used for sealing. It is important that the granules can not fall out.

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