Felting Needles

For beginners we recommend the Felting Needles 2K. These needles have 3 sides and each side has 2 notches. So you get a couple of hairs into the vinyl with a stitch and quickly see a result. These needles are available in different sizes: 36, 38 and 40

The higher the number, the finer the needle roots.

Important during the rooting: heat the head before, e.g. with a red light lamp, on the radiator or with a grain pillow. Only if the head is correspondingly warm, you can also root well. If he is too cold breaks the needle, he is too warm gives way the vinyl so after that you can press a large cowle in the head, but the needles can not pierce. The head must always be heated during the rooting.

If you want fine roots, that it resembles a baby head, then we recommend these needles: Rooting Needles very fine in fork form

Available in the sizes: 42 and 43. The needles have a very small indentation in the tip, so you can micro root, i. e. per stitch only 1-2 hairs can be engraved into the vinyl. This is a very realistic effect.

The very fine rooting needles in fork form in the size 43 is also ideal for rooting human hair.

The Crown Needles have a size of 46, the finest needles we offer. They are ideal for rooting eyelashes and eyebrows.

Please consider that the rooting needles (Felting Needles) are a consumer item. It can therefore always happen that the needle breaks during the rooting. The needles are very thin so they do not leave any big holes. If they are not pricked enough or too hard in vinyl, they can break off. Likewise, they become brittle by frequent use. Therefore, all needles are always packaged as sets of 10. So you have something in stock.

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