Doll Wigs

How do I determine the appropriate size for my doll?

Generally speaking, the most common sizes for normal-sized dolls (48 - 56 cm / 19 - 22 inch and with head circumferences of 33 - 39 cm / 13 - 15 inch) are the size of  8x9 or 10x12. The size specification for the wigs refers to the piece of gauze or fabric on which the hair or the mohair are attached. The specification is in centimeters. If I have a doll kit with a head circumference of 35 cm, I can, if I want a small amount of hair, the size 8x9. If I want more hair, then I use 10x12.


Stick the wig

If you want to stick a wig, you should try it out beforehand to see how it must sit. Rub the head very thinly with an adhesive, e.g. our glue. Important: The adhesive has to be transparent when dry! Where the braid (the gauze piece) later sits, you should use a little bit more glue. Now take the braid, hold your hair together and stick the piece of the gauze, wherever the vortex normally sits. Then smooth the gauze so that no waves are produced and comb your hair smoothly.

When the glue is dried, you can cut the hair.


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