About Us

We have been busy since 2003 in the branch of dolls and reborning, earlier even also as reborn artists but by now only in charge for the production and the sale of the supplies.  

In 2005 in cooperation with Doll Dreams Inc., USA we brought out our own reborn collection the "Little Dreams Collection".  All kits of this collection are "Made in Germany".  

Since autumn 2015, we produce our exclusive collection Puppen-Traumland®.

Our firm consists of the both managers Monika T. and Monika M. Runde as well as a number of diligent employees which provide that you receive your orders quickly and flawlessly.  

We sat down it to our aim to offer our clients good qualitatively high-value at reasonable prices.

We wish you much fun for the rootle in our shop.  

With the best wishes