Farah Doll Kit

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The kit consist of:

  • Head (without hair and eyes)
  • Full vinyl arms and half legs (to the knees)
  • Vinyl torso
  • head connector
  • as well as a half custom made body
  • and alternatively with assembly tool
Finished doll 22" and needs 18mm eyes. Head circumference of 13inch (33cms).

For painting we recommend LDC (Little Dreams Collection) Specially Reborn Colors. The color is a high-quality acrylic color basing on water. It has been developed especially for vinyl dolls. Whether complete colouring or accent settlement. Ideally also for the Real Skin technology. It is dabbed on with a little sponge or a paintbrush quite thinly and is very quickly dry, so that the next layer of short time can be already applied later. The color dries weakly.



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